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Scribes - Alice / Gigi


by Gigi

looked at our central idea
4 and a bit more weeks
how are we going to take action locally
how and what did you have you done over the holiday
is it recorded?
what will you do this week?

time for talking has finished. it is now time for doing!

25% would be action
50% is the action
join with a group a share your action ideas
doing this continually
Child abuse : Take action by making a movie. and change what the parents think about.
Child labor : Making a movie by comparing to lives of different children
Wasted electricity : Make little reminders of how we can save energy
Domestic helpers : Teach the kids in HKA how to treat there helpers well
Country parks : Plant trees and put more bins, country
Endangered animals : Get some info about habitats, help the habitats
Pink dolphins 1 : Beach clean ups, field trip to the Hong kong dolphin watch
Turtles : Beach clean up, ask people about turtles
Solar Power : Get panels for solar panels for school
Pink dolphins 2 : Tour to Hong Kong dolphin watch, make a movie,
Pear conflict : Make a movie, a survey, trying to take personal action
Sharks : Put posters that sharks are being endangered
Litter : Beach clean up club
Recycling : Recycling system, make a diagram, talk to class rooms about recycling
Car pollution : Do a contest

by Alice

  • *First looked at our Central Idea
  • *4 weeks
  • *How are you going to take action locally
  • *You have to at lest be finished with nearly the whole booklet
  • *What will you do this week? Talk to your group
  • "Time for talking has finished. It is now time for doing." says Andy
  • focus on your groups ACTION
  • each group has 30 seconds to stand up and talk to the grade 5 team what you have done with your action

  • Child Abuse: Take action by making a movie. Change parents or peoples minds

  • Child Labour: Making a movie. Comparing two lives of a child.

  • Wasted Electricity: Make little papers for reminders like turn of the lights and other stuff.

  • How people treat Domestic Helpers in HK: Teach the kids in HK to be nice to Domestic Helpers.

  • Country Parks: Plant trees in the Country Parks and put bins around the country parks and have a Country Park clean up.

  • Endangered wetland animals: Get some information about the animals habitat and help them.

  • Human Impact on the pink dolphins: Have a beach clean up over and over again. Go to the wetland park.

  • Turtles in Hong Kong: Also have a beach clean up were the turtles are. Ask someone that knows about it were the beaches need clean up.

  • Solar power: Going to have a meeting with the school and ask them if they can put up solar power lights and other stuff in the new school.

  • Human impact on Pink Dolphins 2: Going on a boat to see the pink dolphins and get information. With the information they are going to do make a movie.

  • Peer Conflicts: We made a survey and with all the information put it into a movie. You can spread it to other schools but make sure it works at schools like our school, HKA.

  • Sharks: We are going to try stop people eating to many sharks fin soup. Put signs up next to the shop or on the streets were the shops are.

  • Litter: Beach clean or street clean ups ones a week. Make a club witch cleans all the beaches and put up sighs. Put more litter bins at beaches.

  • Recycling: Planing on improving the schools recycling systems and inform people about it by going to kids classrooms and talking about it and how it is very important.

  • Car Pollution: Thinking of doing a kind of contest thing. You have to like not go in a car to school but walk or take a bus. We are planing to spread it through the school.



Andy discussing SOLUTIONS

Groups presenting their solution ideas

Wetland Animals group presenting their action plan