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talking about the wiki history
always use wiki
put appropriate pictures onto your wiki
tell us were the photos are from
you have to say were you got the photo
discussion on having things that relate to your problem
try using Google News
click advanced search to get better results from google news
try Google News for a primary resource
Finish Page 7 and 8
Mentor sign up list
sign up for the meetings
electronic copy: Calender

By Phoebe

talking about the wiki .
They are showing a picture on the shark wiki page, it was funny but it didn't say where it came from.
On your wiki there's got to be where you get your pictures from. Something for the research, google news .
You can type in your topic. it will only tell you the past 30 days.
Finish up boxes 7-8.
At the back room there is a mentor meeting sign up list.
We are doing research on our topic for the exhibition.

By Leilanie



Pink Dolphins group

Peer Conflict group

Turtles & Country Park group