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Scribes - Tristan / Leo


by Tristan

Talking about what you should take to the mentor meetings
1 computer
making students go into their booklets
page 7
showing Pink Dolphins 1 wiki
telling people about what questions are clear enough
telling people where they should be
looking at country parks questions
List 3 or 4 concepts

Talking about Lines of Inquirer
  • making people read the lines of inquiry from other units
  • not questions
  • covers every thing in this unit
  • asking groups to talk with 1 possible line of inquiry
  • students working
  • students sharing ideas
  • suggesting that people should get in deeper level lines of inquiry
  • going back to look at what you have done
  • group to find

by Leo

They are talking about what you need in a meeting with your mentor
shane is asking about the dates that is at the back of the booklet

shane is asking people if they are if they have done page 6

andy is showing every one the questions that the pink dolphins 1
andy is making sure that the questions are clear enough.
andy has asked how many people have done everything

the teachers are commenting on some of the best question.
andy wants everyone who has a bibliography to change it to webliography.
shane is explaining what lines of inquiry
students are reading out the previous lines of inquiry the lines of inquiry are not questions
shane sent out the students to make lines of inquiries

Oscars line of inquiry :How we take action to solve the worlds problems.
shane is wanting everyone to start thinking about their LOI.
Shane sent out everyone to go and make a LOI.



Domestic Helpers in HK Lines of Inquiry