2nd March, 4th March

Breaking Down the TT

Rights / communities / equal ops / peace and conflict
Scribes - Phoebe / Gigi


Talking abut Trans theme
split in2 groups of 3-4
student think abut theme areas
talk about responsibility, actions and important things that they can do 2 help
shout out important words
rights and responsibilties communities
living things, peace, finite, inquiry, resources, opportunities
thinking about the 4/5 cater
same talking abut 4/5 most important cater
students talk about what they think the 4 catergories are important and discus with each other
some talking about resposnibilitys & some talking about action
1. rights and responsibilitys to share finite resources
2. peace & conflict resolution
3. the relationships within & between them
4. access to equal opportunities
talking about 4 or 5 catergories
what topic might fit under each of these cater
peace -2 group
recycle-1 group
individual student choose what cater they like & go to the correct corner in the room
brainstorm problems , actions and ideas
read the lists of things that people can do to prevent things and make things happen
Students then have to think about how they can prevent things
Students also have to think about what they want to do for there choice and how they can help the problem get smaller in Hong Kong
Students are trying to make the things more specific
with a partner they choose a topic and then they go threw the list of questions so they can make it more specific






None were taken on this day