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Scribes - Leo / Scott


by Leo

they are showing the exhibition t shirt contest
the LOI are being discussed
shane is showing page 10
shane is asking what places that you could go to to get info
shane is showing the web-liography page that show where you got the information
shane is explaining what the main pages are from the book
the three places that we will use to write down the dates of meetings

by Scott

this week we will do snap research.
go to shanes website then click exhibition to find pyp t-shirt. for everyone.
do page 9 if not finished. also do page 10.
get information from: books, websites, newspapers, or interview someone.
do page 11 but you don't have to finish it(who has it and where it is).
put your date of mentor -meeting in the wiki , journal , and calandar (shanes classroom).



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