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1st March

Scribes - Gigi / Leo


by Gigi

  • everybody is coming in and quietly sitting quietly
  • i hour and half
  • astrid is reading central idea
  • shane is reading a to dolist
  • shane tells every one about books we have
  • page 11 should alway be updated
  • 12&13 should be the main idea today
  • 12 is called restate the problem
  • 13 is called restate the inquiry intos
  • 14&15 we should always be useing
  • 14 is called research question
  • 15 is called brainstorm solutions
  • we should be looking at page 16

by Leo

  • Everyone is coming in and sitting on the floor
  • shane is making everybody be quiet
  • astrid is reading the central idea
  • shane made a to do list for everyone
  • shane is giving out books and recomending books
  • shane is making sure that people are updating pg 11
  • 12&13 are the pages that we need to get work on
  • shane is telling the main pages that we need to work on
  • Wiki and booklet need to have the same info
  • shanes most important say stay in touch with your mentor




Car Pollution group: Leo talking about what his group has done so far.

Wetland Animals working closely with Clem throughout the research process.