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Scribes - Tristan / Scott


by Tristan

Talking about what should be done today
check email with teachers unless it is to a mentor parents o
shirt idea is due on Tuesday

Andy is talking about technology
don't think about the end part that much
looking at other peoples wikis and looking at the process
Recycle and Wasting Electricity need better processes
Solar power has a good process
Teachers also plan out and it works
Make sure that you get a process

by Scott

Finish pages 12-13.
stay in contact with your mentor.
check your first class email 3 times a day.
do pyp shirt design on by tuesday.
stay in schedule with your process.
andy shows us what our wikis are missing. get process done.
in teachers process there is planing.
andy made exhibition journal.



Wetland Animals group having their mentor meeting

Car pollution group

Andy hard at work with various groups