1st March


by Dorothy

Work on yellow sheets
Sort into two categories - SMART, not SMART
Split into groups of 1, 2
Talk about SMART
See which things need writing about
A lot of things were not SMART
Determined if it was not SMART: not realistic, unfinished, not specific, 1, 2 words
Al together, decide what's SMART, what's not SMART
Who wants to make it SMART
Start to make a small decision for what you want to do
Split into 4 groups (9 people), go through, are they SMART or not
Not move many things to SMART
Not many things changed
On projector, highlighted what's SMART, and what's not SMART
Groups stood up, and told the class what was on their posters
The things on the board that were highlighted in green, were not SMART, not going to use
Discuss if we should keep any things
Gave reasons why we should keep the idea
Picked top 3 things we may want to do (if we had to pick right now)
Voted to see which things should sty, and which things should be eliminated
A lot of things were deleted, water pollution was very popular
We came up with new things that were not already on the board, that we wanted to be there

Have two days to find our top two for Thursday




A short video clip of the S.M.A.R.T. process