2nd March / 1st March /
Research Websites from today


By Ellen

They are talking about what the want to do for the exhibition.
They are thinking what subject they are most interested in.
Andy points and they raise their hand if they want it.
Civil War is now gone
no world wars gone
money gone
charity gone
wasting resources gone
Some subjects are impossible to take action
SNAP research is fast
ask a question stick it on a sheet find an answer in your own words summerize the information
They are putting the sites on the wiki .
Yellow box subjects are in Shanes Classroom
Blue box subjects are in Andys Classroom
Shane and Andy are making a example
So come up with a question on what subject you are doing.
Come up with different question not just form and function.
Your questions should be as specific as possible.
FInd what kind of question it is.
The subject that andy and Shane are doing is Recycle so how do we recycle in hk and where does it go??
The thing that wrked on the search was Hong Kong Recycle glass
We pressed on a website and it is ok but not super good.
Remember we have to save the website or the bibliography
The website saved and then sent to your email and then
Andy is giving out the papers and Shane is saying the subjects.

By leo

Right now they are deciding what to use for the main exhibition.
they are no asking questions on the reasonable topic
Andy is pointing out and then the kids raise their hands .
Poaching is popular
no world wars is gone
charities gone
clean air
money gone
wasting recourses
shane is making a short list.
andy is explaining what snap researching
they are going to go away and make a questions and then get the answer in specific info .
they have to remember to make a bibliography.
they are going to put the sites onto the wiki .
He said that we have to use the power of the group.
Yellow box is in Shane's classroom and if you are blue Andy's classroom .
right know the teachers are making a sample for the rest of the class to see.
They are coming up with questions.
Try to write different types of question : Form Function And causation.
is the recycling cycle ever going to change?
they are trying to change the question to make it specific.
hong kong recycle glass ?
where to recycle glass in HK
andy asks where do recycle glass in HK?
we clicked on a website and now we found the best info but not too much.
they are saving it into the file server so that the other people can see it.
they are also saving it into the exhibition folder for us to see.
shane is saying out the the topics to give to us.