Child Labor


Astrid and Olivia

Mission statement

We are going to take action by ourselves and help stop child labor in China/HK.
And try to do this while following our Rules and guidelines at the same time.


Listen to each others' ideas
Don't give up
Reach for the best
Don't judge an idea until you have tried it


Our problem is Child Labor. Where some children's families' are so poor that the children have to work as a living until they reach their eighteenth year of life and stay home to look after younger siblings. Their families' do not get acces to a lot of things including, clean water, clean air, food, toilets, edgucation/school and shelter.


About 2,000 children in Hong Kong are under child labor.
61% of children are under child labor in Asia.
In China children don't start child labor until they are 5-6 years old.
Children die of child labor.
Apple has admitted that child labor was used in their factories of making
iPhones, computors, iPodes, and other devices.
Nike uses child labor.


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