Write the problem that you have chosen here. What is the problem? Why do you think it is a problem? How does it affect us?

Question / Concept

Write your question here / also add the concept your question is after it
How does ___ actually happen? Form
How does the problem affect people? Connection


Add your research in this area.

A wiki (pronounced /ˈwɪki/) is a website that allows the easy[1] creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.[2][3] Wikis are typically powered by wiki software and are often used to create collaborative websites, to power community websites, for personal note taking, in corporate intranets, and in knowledge management systems.


Add your ideas for how we can take action here. Put as much details as you can.
We will colour code the action we think is measurable and attainable green and action that doesn't fit these criteria red.


Add a photo of your brainstorm sheet here.


The collaborative research poster will be based around the design below.