Darcy / Maggy / Abby


Why people ignore recycling in Hong Kong and not having recycling bins near you.

Question / Concept

Why do we recycle?(Causation)
We recycle to take care of the earth

How is glass recycled in Hong Kong(Function)
A group of 14 hotels helps recycle in Hong Kong.

What happens after you recycle? (Function)
They grind the paper, soak it, bleach it and roll it out into new paper.

What happens if we don't recycle? (Responsibility)
It all goes to landfills and then they expel large quantities of methane, a greenhouse gas.

Why are greenhouse gases bad? (Causation)
Greenhouse gases aren't bad. It's too much greenhouse gases that are bad because they contribute to global warming.

What is recycling?(Form)
It is when we reuse glass, paper,metal,plastic,textiles,electronics. Even though people do the same thing with food and garden waste they are not considered recyclable materials.

Why do people ignore recycling?(causation)
Because they don't know about it or can't be bothered.

How is recycling connected to global warming?
They are connected because if you don't recycle it goes to landfills which produce greenhouse gasses.

Inquiry Into


Action Ideas

Talk to Ms. Virginia if we could try to improve the schools recycling system.
Do a beach clean up and see if their are things in the recycling and trash bins that shouldn't be there.
Taking a survey and trying to get more recycling bins provided in different neighborhoods.