5th May

Notes by Kas

  • Create page called "Visitor's Page" on Wiki
  • Visitors (parents & teachers) are to write a reflection for a particular group
  • Once the bloggers have placed it online, the hard copy goes back to the group
  • 3 areas - 1. Welcome / 2. Knowledge Bank / 3. Reflection Point (have 2 computers to type a general reflection from the exhibition)???
  • Reflection sheet content is each groups responsibility to place it onto their own blogs

Things to bring List:
  • iPods (Sally)
  • Extension cords etc (Shane & Andy)
  • Cameras (everyone)
  • Tub of bluetack, pens, scissors, sticky tape etc (Shane)
  • Headphones (Sally)
  • Inquiry cycle alongside Process / Central Ideas / "Welcome to the Grade 5 Exhibition" banner / LOTS of photos / A4 size location leading signs x 6 for stairs (Kas)
  • Create 6 folders for each stage of the inquiry cycle banner (???)
  • 3 large signs that comes down in front of the display tables - same labels as the stickers (e.g. Bloggers) (Sally)
  • Cover 2 doors so visitors can write comments (???)
  • Bulletin Board outside - pictures with mentors along with group names (top of A4 page) & Reflections (bottom of page) (Sally)
  • Trans theme / profiles / attitude / skills / concepts (Shane)
  • Physical representation of the Wiki (Andy)
  • Teacher packets (clipboards) - list of groups / timetable / list of jobs / rubrics (Shane & Andy)
  • Brochures / Question booklets for the different age levels (Andy)

  • Thursday (6/5/10) - morning: Creating posters (design element) / Continue working till 11am on posters / 11am - virtual 11:15 - 12:00 Adverts
  • Friday (7/5/10) - ???
  • Mentor Cards - get draft DONE (Kas to check)
  • Students speeches (Shane)
  • Projector (Andy)

ALL work must be placed FLAT... NOT rolled up!

3rd May

Notes by Kas

Exhibition homework:
  • Shane's class is blogging about what each student has done as an individual for their exhibition

Tuesday (4/5/10)
  • NO math (straight into Exhibition) & Wednesday (6/5/10)
  • First 15mins on Tuesday morning - students work on the rubric (what have I done?)
  • Teachers carry around a highlighter and mark each student's work (Shane/Andy - Blue , Sally/Kas - Pink, students use pencil)
  • Introduction to exhibition presentation
  • Groups that may need a 'push':
    • Shark
    • Peer Conflict
    • Wasted electricity
    • Turtles in Hong Kong

  • For each group:
    • What have you got to show?
  • Sign-up sheets for classes go up today.
  • Students must have 3 leveled questions ready
  • Volunteers who want to speak (group of 3-4 students to talk about process) (Shane)
  • Table cloths / plates??? (Andy)

Next week - Monday & Tuesday
  • Focus on displays and IT organizations (no math?)
  • iMovie (Shane)
At the gym...
  • EVERYTHING must be ready by Tuesday afternoon (start moving things to gym Wed morning)
  • Groups can negotiate space in gym

Original Document: http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddssdfbc_111f34gk7fq

23rd April

Notes by Kas

    • Hallway: only 1 bulletin board (usually used by the MS)
    • In order to get hooks onto walls etc by Mr Lo, we need to contact Anna ASAP!!
Previous Years...
When a class turns up:
  • teacher and co-teacher will take half the class each and observe
Stage usage (previous yrs):
    • front ground level - class photos posters, process: finding out, tuning in etc
    • stage - show movies, more posters on curtains and displays

For 2010...
Things which must be done before the exhibition:
  • create surveys, questions, feedback sheets for visitors (parents, students etc)
  • process poster (each for the Inquiry cycle - description of what's going on)
  • have a table with journals, laptop with the Wiki page open
  • Mentor photos - at the same time, email a quote about their experience about the exhibition to go on the photo (Kas & Sally)
  • projector tunnel - large pieces of materials
    • Kerry?

Ideas for student roles:
  • have tour guides to take the classes around (more controlled)
  • meet and greet people
  • process guide - talk through the process G5 went through at the beginning
  • tech people - photographer, video, trouble shooting, TV/virtual presenter
  • passport control people - these people much check the booklets each time they visit a group

On the day class procedure ideas:
  1. have a meeting/reception area at the entrance with brief presentation of the exhibition
  2. walk through the whole exhibition process on, or in front of the stage [PROBLEM: MS lunch on stage] ------> Alternative: use both G5 classrooms & Library if we can't use the gym???
  3. passport control (question books, note taking journals) at the end of the stage - have different booklets per yr group
    1. booklet content to be consolidated from info given from each group
    2. booklet groupings - EC / PS / MS & HS
  4. visit different groups

Expectations for the group presentations:
    • central idea
    • LOI
    • Action should be the central part of their display
    • NO's - pretty and irrelevant displays which will be thrown out after the exhibition

Original Document: http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddssdfbc_99dts6dskw

22nd April

Meeting Notes by Kas

Exhibition days & evenings:
  • T-Shirts - ordered and under way (Shane & Kas: Kas will pay money the day they arrive)
  • Mentor gifts - T-Shirts (previously gave potted plants? )
  • Mentor & student pictures (Sally & Kas: by 30th April)
  • Evening exhibition times - 13th April (Shane to get back to Kim)
  • Process movie (Shane & Andy: currently under process)
  • Field trip photos/snapshot collating folder to be created for teachers (Andy?)
  • Invites to the network - use the T-Shirt design and Central Idea (Shane: by mid next week)
    • virtual visitors: run a virtual exhibition by using uStream (student Tech-team to go around during the exhibition to broadcast live footage) (Andy)
  • Time - either Thursday (12-3pm), Friday (9-3pm)
  • Sign out sheet (Shane & Andy)
  • Exhibition Journey Poster (Shane & Andy)
  • Evening Program (Andy & Shane)
  • Questions for guests to translate to Mandarin - sheet with questions to ask while touring (Shane to find)
  • Refreshments - ask G5 class parents to bring in a plate for Thursday evening (Andy to email class parent leaders)
  • Lunch during the 3 days - tables & chairs (Shane to email Merris)
  • Display boards for students (Anna to ask Mr Lo. Shane to email Anna)
  • Tech equipment/resources - Alex has already been contacted by Andy.
    • We may require more charging points.
    • computers to be stored back in the portal (someone will need the keys to the portal)
  • Handouts (i.e. iMovies) (Shane & Andy)
  • Pizza for the mentors on Wednesday night (10 pizzas to be covered by the school)
  • Specialist roles - Art (take a break from setting up and go to regular Art class)
    • Music - Shane to email Liz
    • 5AB PE - Andy to contact Jake
  • PD Wed - Andy to email Dr Andy regarding G5 teacher exemption from attending
  • Gym doors (all G5 teachers to discuss)

Original Document: http://docs.google.com/View?id=ddssdfbc_98dhxz9rdm

Meeting Notes by Kim

· Kim went over 08-09 IB PYP Reflection sheet with team and for team to think about ways to improve.
· Kim went through May 12, 13 and 14 EXH dates and things to do:


1. T-shirts are ordered and will arrive May 7th (Shane) (Kas to pay when they arrive)
2. Mentor Gifts (T-Shirts)
3. Mentors and Students Pics (Kas and Sally) Evening of Exhibition
4. (Thursday eve time of May 13th): Shane to get back to Kim
5. Exhibition Journey Poster or something on stage (Andy and Shane to work on)
6. Exhibition Guide Questions:
· Ensure ‘Adapted from Kingston International’ is on sheet
· To include the 5 Essential Elements (Shane)
· Has Mandarin translation (Shane)
7. Lunches on May 13 and 14: Tables and chairs (Shane to email Merris to confirm)
Logistic of the Thursday May 13th eve:
· Evening Programme (Andy and Shane to work on)
· Questions for guests/translated in Mandarin (Shane to have a look and share with Andy)
· G5 Parents to bring refreshment (Andy to email class parents)
· 4 of G4 students to hand out programme for Thursday night (Andy and Shane)
· For Thursday eve before EXH eve, Kim to order pizzas for teachers and mentors. Kim to send out email to mentors and ask who will stay (looking at 10 pizzas for 25 people)
Displays Boards
· Display boards (Shane to email Anna to have Mr. Lau bring out boards)
· Butcher paper to cover back of gym door where parents and Exhibition goers can comment (Andy and Shane)
· Andy has organized with Alex for all tech stuff
· Computers to be brought back from gym and stored in Portal
· I-Movie/PSA with different clips from each group (Andy and Shane)
· Shane will do sign up sheet
Specialists during EXH days:
Each teacher to sort out own Specialists
Shane to email Mandarin teachers for TH and Friday?