5th May

Shane / Andy / Kas / Sally
See notes by Kas

3rd May

Shane / Andy / Sally / Kas

Exhibition Presentation Preparation
See notes by Kas

30th Apr

Shane / Andy / Sally

Exhibition Day prep

Tech team page started
Virtual visitors started

23rd Apr.

Shane / Andy / Kas

Exhibition day preparation

Student Roles, resources, school location arrangements etc.
See notes by Kas.

22nd Apr.

Andy / Shane / Kim / Kas / Sally

Exhibition day & evening

The procedures, presentation resources etc.
See notes taken by Kas & Kim.

15 Mar.

Shane / Andy / Sally / Kas


Keep the schedule as planned throughout Literacy Week.
Thursday - work on Exhibition (cut out Math)

Homework Calendar

Think about field trips and guest speakers (get them done asap)


Integrate spelling into their Wikis

Mentor emails

Drafts must be structured with appropriate introduction, content, spelling etc.

12 Mar.

Shane / Andy / Kas / Sally / Kim

Community Involvement

Josh Arnold's students working on Kennedy Town project - students working on habitat related topics

Standardized Exhibition name

hkaex2010-(name of their wiki)


Victoria Shanghai (Faculty SP>PS>Exhibition>08-09....) -----> lost. Must find. (Kim)

11 Mar.

Shane / Andy / Kas / Sally / Kim

Parent Presentation

  • Wiki introduction - where parents can have access to the process
  • Journal
  • Homework expectations - blogging reflections
  • Parent involvement at home
  • Exhibition Date: 13 (Parent & Mentor night) - 14 May
  • What 'Taking Action' involves
Parent Exhibition Presentation



Decide on student research groups - smart grouping choices
Color coordinate grouping : GREEN - happy, RED - not happy, BLACK - not 100% satisfied (not specific enough).
Get groups in RED & BLACK together and have a chat (Andy & Shane)
Work on group Wiki pages (Kas & Sally)

10 Mar.

Shane / Andy / Sally / Kas

Mentors: Tom / Kimberly / Stacey / Alexa / Virginia / Jamie / Jane / Jake / Sonya / Ginny / Liz / Kim / Eva / Aradhana / Clem / Jessica R / Mei / Annie / Andy PS / Melanie H / Leith

Mentor Presentation

Looked at:
Mentor Presentation

Mentors reading through their journals

8 Mar.

Shane / Andy / Sally / Kas

Mentor & Parent Presentation

Prepare presentation powerpoint for both (Shane)


Finish student journal (Andy)
Create 'Appendix' page (Andy)
Bind journal together (Kas & Sally)


Students to blog their reflections during the process

3 Mar.

Shane / Andy / Sally / Kas / Clem


Create a resource page for students on this wiki. (Andy)
Add resources for students who may require extra support on "Resource" page (e.g. Word Banks ) (Clem)

2 Mar.

Shane / Andy / Sally / Kas


Create a definition for "Snap" research (Shane & Andy)


Rights and responsibilities to share finite resources
Communities and the relationships within and between them
Access to equal opportunity
Peace and conflict resolution


Start filming the process - may use these in future (Sally & Kas)

26 Feb.

Andy / Shane / Kim / Kas


Andy is embedding the calendar into this wiki. To be fully updated by 5/03/10.
- Check problem with logging in and viewing (Andy)


Edit Journal headings and tables. (Shane & Andy)
Print copies of the IB Exhibition Guidelines for G5 teachers. (Kim)


Get this exhibition wiki up and running completely, and linked in to both the G5 websites.

Teachers Process

Take down both planning and reflection notes throughout this whole process here. (Kas)

To do

  • Complete exhibition journal
  • Edit headings and tables in journal (Shane & Andy)

12 Feb.

Andy / Shane / Kas / Sally / Kim


A meeting was conducted that looked at the calendar for the exhibition. This is available here.