WORDS we have used
Affect – To have influence or cause a change. Similar words: impact. E.g “The tsunami had a big affect for people living in the hardest hit areas.”

Agreements – an act of agreeing between people about a decision. E.g. “Josh and Alex made an agreement to take turns using the hand dryer.”

Concepts – a big idea or understanding. E.g. “The math concept was too big for Peter to understand until it was explained to him by the teacher.”

Conclusion – a final decision/arrangement that is reached. E.g “Ethan and Justin could not make a final conclusion from the information given in the reports.”

Connections – the act of connecting and things are linked together. E.g “Make a connection to your experiences of moving to a new country to how the character ‘Andrew’ in the book feels.”

Consider – to think about carefully. E.g “Please consider your food choices carefully.”

Determine -
To decide or settle. E.g. “Josh was going to determine his topic for the exhibition.”

Essential – an important or necessary part. E.g. “It is essential that you include these ideas in your writing”

Guidelines – rules to follow. E.g. “Please follow the guidelines so you don’t make a mistake.”

Implement – to perform or carry out. E.g. “The principal was going to implement his new plans for the school.”

Issues – Big topics that can be discussed. E.g. human rights, poverty, animal rights, water pollution. “What world issues are you writing about?”

Measurable – something that can be measured. E.g. “if your solution is measurable – it means that we can see that it has worked.”

Poverty – being poor and very much in need. E.g. “Sue lived in poverty after her parents died leaving her without any money.”

Perspective - Specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events. E.g. “John tried to understand things from a different perspective.”

Resources: A material source of wealth, such as timber, fresh water, or a mineral deposit, that occurs in a natural state and has economic value. E.g. ”We have the duty to preserve our natural resources like water and wood so they do not run out.”

Responsibilities - a thing or person that one is responsible for. E.g. “We are all responsible for cleaning up our mess after eating lunch.”