9th May

Visit the exhibition blog here http://hkaexhibition2010.weebly.com/

5th May

Student Generated Rubrics

4th May

Student Generated Rubrics

No scribes .
Exhibition Roles page created
Virtual Visitors advertised

23rd April

Visit the BISS questionnaires here http://grade5.biss.wikispaces.net/exhibition2010

15th - 22nd April

No scribes

Solutions / Actions

13th April

No scribes today

Skype Conference with Beijing

12th April

Sharing ideas & solutions

Solutions / Solutions / Solutions
Scribes - Alice / Gigi

1st April

Scribes - Leo / Alice

T-Shirt design decisions

Roles over the Spring break


30th March

Scribes - Alice / Scott
Andrew Ella Daksha Dorothy Matthew Dominique Thomas Astrid

29th March

Scribes - Emma / Clio
Phoebe Clio Oscar Leilanie Omer Scott Maite Sidhonie Erin Erin Dawson

26th March

Scribes - Tristan / Scott

25th March

Scribes - Gigi / Leo

Group Research

23rd March

Group Research

Mentor Meetings

Scribes - Paul / Gigi

22nd March

Group Research

Mentor Meetings

Scribes - Leo / Scott
Daksha Scott Sidhonie

19th March

Scribes - Tristan / Leo

Intro to Lines of Inquiry

Think of at least 3 possible LOI for own groups, and the concept it goes with. (Max 4)

18th March

Google News

Scribes - Leilanie/ Phoebe

16th March

Mentor emails & Journals

Scribes - Scott / Phoebe
Matthew Maite Dawson

15 March

Finalizing Central Idea

Scribes - Leo / Leilanie
Elimination & consolidation of possible Central Ideas (Think-Pair-Share)
Student Journals handed out and started in research groups.
Group Wiki Pages.
Mentors introduced.
Draft letters to Mentors - include copy of letters on "Letter" page on group Wiki
Clio Daksha Omer Erin Dominique

12 March

Research Groupings

No scribes.
Introduction to group Wiki pages:
Sharks / Water Pollution & Pink Dolphins / Peer Conflict / Recycling / Child Abuse / Child Labour / Wasted Electricity / Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong / Impact on Pink Dolphins / Solar Power / Car Pollution / Country Parks / Turtles in Hong Kong / Endangered Wetland Animals / ?

11th March

Finalizing Choices

Scribes - Osama / Oskar
Final choice page
NEW! Important words page

9th March

Central idea brainstorming

Scribes - Tristan / Dominique
Student Reflections
Leilanie / Ella Astrid

8th March

Central idea brainstorming

Scribes - Ella / Paul
Website collators: Sidhonie / Olivia
Student Reflections
Dorothy / Andrew

4th March

Continued for 40 mins on 8th March

SNAP Research

Research websites
Scribes - Ellen / Leo
Website collators: Daksha / Matthew / Clio / Tristan

2nd March

Making S.M.A.R.T. choices

S.M.A.R.T. (highlight S.M.A.R.T. choices red)
SNAP research
Scribes -Lulu / Dorothy (writing)
Student Reflections
Matthew Daksha Omer Erin

1st March

Breaking Down the TT

Scribes - Gigi / Phoebe (writing)
Process notes are available under the title above
Pages created by scribes Dorothy / Sidhonie / Matthew / Ellen
Rights / communities / equal ops / peace and conflict